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 In the concert hall 'G.-Ph.-Telemann' | Magdeburg | Germany



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The symphony orchestra 'magdeburger musikfreunde' ...

last updated 2012-01-23.

... is a community of dedicated amateur musicians that devoted themselves to the cultivation of symphonic music. Through the direction of conductor Gero Wiest selected works from baroque, classical age, and romanticism are being acquired. The orchestra is especially devoted to works of Magdeburg’s composer Georg Philipp Telemann.

With the support of the cultural affairs office of Magdeburg a symphony concert is taking place in the Telemann concert hall in the Monastery "Unser Lieben Frauen". Especially young soloists have the chance to perform in this concert. Furthermore the orchestra performed in various concerts in Magdeburg and made several guest concerts in cities of Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony and Luxembourg.

The orchestra, which was founded in 1958, is a non-profit society with about 60 members out of different occupational and age groups. The ensemble successfully participated in the Telemann festival, the worker’s festival of the GDR, as well as the orchestra contests of the states Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony and achieved multiple medals and awards.

Juni 2007 | Kloster Unser Lieben Frauen | Foto: G. Renker
2007 | Foto:G.Renker

Oktober 2007 | Auf der Grünen Zitadelle | Foto: V. Kühne
2007 | Foto:V.Kühne

The symphony orchestra 'magdeburger musikfreunde'...

+ is the most traditional amateur orchestra in the region of
   Magdeburg and an important part of the music life in
   the city and the region

+ offers hobby musicians a useful leisure activity

+ supports young instrumentalists on their way to working life

+ feels obligated to honor Telemann

+ represents Magdeburg and Saxony-Anhalt beyond its borders


We are looking for...

... amateur musicians, who derive pleasure from playing musical instruments and are willing to participate in rehearsals once a week

... sponsors of music, who support the activities of the society and are willing to make a contribution to the musical-cultural life in Saxony-Anhalt

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Magdeburger Musikfreunde e.V.
c/o Dr. Martin Kunert
Lingnerstr. 7
D-39114 Magdeburg


Every Monday at 7:30-9:30 p.m in the
Intercity-Hotel of Magdeburg (next to the railway station)


Disclaimer (



Founding as a string orchestra "Collegium Musicum Magdeburg" by Siegfried Schwantes


Expansion to a symphony orchestra. Patronage through the district board of the labor union "Unterricht und Erziehung" ("School and Education")


Development contract with the municipal theater of Magdeburg. Assumption of the artistic management through Helmut Hagedorn


Repeated participation in the workers’ festivals of the GDR. Gold medal 1970, silver medal 1964, 1976


Numerous concerts within the context of the Telemann festival and the "Telemann-Sonntagsmusiken"


Art Award through the council of the district of Magdeburg


Participation in the 1st orchestra contest of the states Saxony-Anhalt and Lower Saxony in Bad Harzburg. Concert exchange with the "Braunschweiger Liebhaber-Orchester"


Founding of the registered society "Sinfonieorchester Magdeburger Musikfreunde e.V."


Concert to the 4th Music Festival Saxony-Anhalt. Participation in the orchestra competition of the state Saxony-Anhalt


Concerts in Magdeburg and Colbitz


Festival concert to the 40th birthday of the orchestra.
Concert for the benefit of the Alzheimer association Saxony-Anhalt


Choir symphonic concert in Weferlingen


Concerts in Magdeburg and Braunschweig


Concert to the "Saxony-Anhalt Day" in Hundisburg. Concert in context of the honor of the Ottons


Concerts in Magdeburg and Egeln. Concert tour to Niederanven/ Luxembourg


Concerts in Magdeburg and Gardelegen


Concerts in Magdeburg and Weferlingen.
One of our members was a guest-violinist in the "Trevecca Symphony Orchestra" in Nashville (Tennesse/USA).   
Reports (Sister Cities Magdeburg-Nashville) | Additional Information and Pictures


Concerts in Magdeburg, Oebisfelde, Gardelegen and Tangerhuette


Concerts in Magdeburg and Werben.
First concert of the "Trevecca Symphony Orchestra" Nashville (Tennesse/USA) in Magdeburg,
meeting with the "Magdeburger Musikfreunde"


Concerts in Magdeburg, Stendal and Tangermuende


Project "Music Connects Generations" | Concerts in Magdeburg, Stendal and Bernburg.
50th foundation anniversary of the orchestra


Project "KLANG.WELTEN", among other things with international film musics | Concerts in Magdeburg.
Common choir concert with the "Magdeburger Singakademie".


Project "ZAUBER.KLANG" | Concerts in Magdeburg and Schoenebeck.
Common Pop-Concert with the band "The Six Beetles" in the occasion of "5th. Song Days of Magdeburg" 


Project "WELT.KLANG" with israelic violin virtuoso Kinneret Sieradsky and
debut performance of 3th Symphony of Howard H. Hanson (USA)


Project "FAMILIEN.BANDE". Workshop "To practise in Flow", jount projekt with Musical Competence Center Saxony-Anhalt.
Choir project with "Kammerchor Wernigerode": Reinberger cantata "The Star of Bethlehem"


Project "FRANK.REICH" | Concerts in Magdeburg and Schoenebeck.
Christmas concert "MÄRCHEN.LAND" among others with "Polar Express"


Project "STIMM.FILM" with the duet "ChansonART". Participation in "Song days" and in "Long Night of Culture" of Magdeburg.


Project "KLANG.VOLL" with the seldom performed Sinfonie No. 1 by Hans Rott.
Participation in "Long Night of Culture" of Magdeburg.
Choir project with "Kammerchor Wernigerode": Reinberger cantata "The Star of Bethlehem"


Project "NEUE.WELT" with the famous Sinfonie No. 9 "From the new world" by Antonin Dvorak.